How can I retrieve photos from my iPhone after it was stolen?
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My iPhone was stolen. Can I retrieve my photos from my iPhone? I have Find My iPhone app. I didn’t back them up onto my laptop. I have already locked my phone.

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  • r

    I was wondering the same thing.
    My boyfriend got his stolen and just wants the photos. He set up icloud and has the camera roll…how do you access them from icloud as when logging into icloud there are only contacts, mail, findmyiphone and iwork options…???


  • cd9ea21e8e5ccf1b9b8b411cc5913d2f

    If you used to sync your iPhone with your computer then you should have a backup and that backup should contain the photos you have in your camera roll. If not, then unfortunately there is nothing to be done without physical access to the phone.

  • Anonymous

    if there is no sync then will be difficult. there should be  a common point.

  • Mike

    Unfortunately you cannot retrieve data from a stolen iPhone via “Find my iPhone”.

    Only if you have enabled iCloud syncing and the photostream on the device (iOS5) you have a chance to get photos back. 
    On a Mac you can access the photostream via iPhoto ’11 (after enabling photostream within the iCloud System Preferences) or the iCloud Control Panel on Windows.

    * I’m not sure whether photostream is available via

    • James Bruce

      It’s not, not yet anyway. 

      cat: if you had been syncing your iphone correctly with your pc (wireless sync now anyway), you would have had a backup, as well as all the photos stored in your my pictures, or iphoto photo stream. So I guess you need to chalk this up to experience and make sure you actually sync your phone next time. 

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