How can I restore the .sql file in WordPress?
Question by Bhavesh /

I have a self-hosted WordPress site. I have installed a plugin “WordPress Database Backup” for backups.

Now I want to restore .sql file. How do I do that? I tried phpmyadmin, one method is stated by WordPress site, but when I did it, my site crashed. Now how do I use that .sql file to restore?

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Answers (3)
  • Aibek

    Hi Bhavesh,

    I suggest using WP DB Manager plugin instead,

    Among several features there an option to restore the database. It should let you restore the database backup file you have.



    Hello, you can try this method, maybe it helps you.

    — Log in to phpMyAdmin
    — Click Databases
    — Select target database (This is the database where you want your information to go)
    — tables in database will appear
    — Click Import Tab
    — Click Browse and point it to backup file
    — Check SQL radio button
    — Click Go button.

    Wait until it finishes running. Hopefully it will succeed.

    • Aibek

      If I am not mistaken there is a 2 max. 2MB file size restriction when importing via PhpMyAdmin.

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