How can I restore the Facebook chat bar?
Question by Hanamichi Kurotsuchi /

My Facebook chat bar that appears on the left side of the screen and shows the picture of my online friends is gone. Please, can you tell me how to restore that bar again?

Thank you!

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Answers (11)
  • jeff ferguson

    I turned off facebook sidebar where the chat was and cant figure out how to turn it back on!

  • umair khan

    i disabled my Facebook i reactivate it..but its not working properly i am unable to confirm my account but i can access it with my old id and password due to this I cant see my photos & my friends cant search my id as well ….

  • mona

    howa can restore facebook sidebar & whya i cant open my messgaes .when i use google chrome but i can found both when i use internet explorer ??

  • Parmjeet singh

    My facebooj acount not show chat option why

  • VS Vishnu

    i too have this problem..

  • Areeb Majeed

    Come Online…

  • susendeep dutta

    Also check whether any scripts or addons are not blocking the Facebook elements from loading properly.You can do this by disabling all extensions and restarting your browser.

    Note :- Online friends on left side bar will be visible only if someone is online and friends using Facebook via mobile will be visible too irrespective of whether they are online or not.

  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    if you are using chrome, just get the side bar disabler extension. works like a charm.. :)

  • bonioloff

    How it can be gone?
    Just use another browser..

  • ha14

    do you see cog icon on the bottom corner , if yes Click the cog icon in the lower right corner and use the appropriate option.

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