How do I restore my desktop icons?
Question by sravanthi /

I use Windows 7 Starter. Some of my desktop icons changed to VLC media player with the extension .ink. There is a new folder “Contacts” on my desktop. I don’t know how this happened or what the folder is for. How can I change my icons back to normal? And figure out what the new folder is for?

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Answers (3)
  • no one

    So first go to Google and search how to do it and there you go you have it your windows wont recognize it self.

  • Mminocent

    i cantsee my icons

  • Anonymous

    - Go to Start -> “Control Panel” -> Click on Porgrams
    – Click on “Default Programs”
    – Click on “Associate a file type or protocol with a program.” to open the “Set Associations” menu.
    – Scroll through the list of extensions to locate the .lnk file extension. The listing will show the description and the current default program associated with it.
    – Click on the extension (to select it) and then click on “Change Program.”
    – Select the program you would like to open *.lnk file types. 
    – Click on OK.

    Option 2:

    download following file, unzip it, and run it. It will make necessary changes to the registry. Restart the computer.

    option 3
    go to this link
    scoll down to fixexelnk 2.0.0 and download, extract and click on fixexelnk, check the 3 box and click on Appliquer, the interface is in french but easy to follow.

    that file if you think is a malware upload to virustotal and see the report.

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