How can I restore an Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad without iTunes?
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How can I restore or Flash the iPod/iPhone/iPad without using iTunes?


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Answers (8)
  • theiphoenhacker

    download idevicerestore.

  • Anonymous

    if you use other methods than the ones recommended by Apple you can loose the warranty of Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad 

  • Richard Carpenter

    There are a few methods out there, but I wouldn’t recommend any of them. The risk would be too high, in my opinion. 

    • Subbu

      Thanking u,
      My device is out of warranty.No problem with risk .

    • Richard Carpenter

      Well, I actually meant turning your phone into a paperweight… Trying to restore with software other iTunes, there is a good chance of bricking the phone.

  • Mike

    You can restore to factory defaults via Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

    You can upgrade the firmware without iTunes if you are running iOS 5 via Settings > General > Software Update.

    You can’t restore or flash without iTunes if your iOS device is broken, in recovery or DFU mode.

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