How to reset .msi file associations with the right Microsoft application?
Question by Jean Cadet /

Using Windows 7, my .msi files keep being opened by the Notepad instead of installing programs.

Under “Default Programs”, after I clicked ‘Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program’ it shows that the .msi extension for MSI files is associated with the notepad. Ditto the .msp extension for MSP files is associated with the notepad. I also noticed there that many extensions like .mydocs, .pcb, .pptmhtml are associated with UNKOWN application.

How can I at least have the MSI and MSP files have the correct associated Microsoft programs? Does it require going through registry to fix it?

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Answers (5)
  • Best Registry Cleaner

    Ditto the .msp extension for MSP files is associated with the notepad.

  • dRC

    I don’t think HOW to change a file association is the question here people… The question is WHAT Microsoft programs opens MSI files!?! I have the same problem! Changing the association is easy, but to WHAT!? What program is the default program…?

  • Aibek


    Did you manage to fix the issue using the tips above? Let us know.


  • Steve Campbell

    Whenever I want to do something like this I just right click the file, select Open With… and choose the program I want to open that file. If you tick the box that says Make Default it will open with that program every time.

  • Tina


    a similar question was asked previously, please check the answers here:

    Basically, you can manually change the file associations and assign the correct programs to the respective file extensions.

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