How do I replace my uploader web page with my processed results?

Paul Pruitt June 30, 2011
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I’m using Valum’s Ajax Upload and sending it to a PHP server file. The web service I wish to provide is an extractor of text from MS Office files. I have been able to get the uploader working on a Windows shared hosting server and been also able to get the text extraction running. The problem is writing a link pointing to the results back to the upload page or simply displaying the text results in the browser. How do you do that?

What I’m doing as a work around currently is having a second form and submit button which launches a second php file which displays the resulting text file inline. That’s no problem. I used sessions to get the file name from uploaded server php.php file. I was hoping however that once the file was uploaded it would automatically launch the text file which would replace the uploader page, or just use Ajax to write a link to the results on the upload page. So how does one do this basic thing?

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