How can I replace Google Chrome with Internet Explorer 7?
Question by Sherry /
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I recently updated to Google Chrome from IE 7 and I don’t like it. How can I go back to using IE 7?

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Answers (11)
  • Anonymous

    perhaps you will want to sync the bookmarks to IE, if you uninstalled Chrome all your bookmarks on Chrome will go away.

  • James Bruce

    FYI, IE7 is 5 years out of date. The latest version of Internet Explorer is 10. I strongly suggest you upgrade, because not only is half the web incompatible with IE7, it's also very vulnerable to thousands of malware and viruses. 


    Hello, if you install chrome, it doesn't mean that Internet Explorer is uninstalled.  It is two different browsers, therefore your internet explorer should still be there in your menu.

    -- click on start
    -- all programs
    -- find internet explorer entry and click on it
    -- when and if it asks you to set it as default, click on yes
    -- that should set your internet explorer as default browser

    -- click on internet explorer browser
    -- click on tools
    -- internet options
    -- click on programs tab
    -- click on make default
    -- click on apply and then ok

  • Jay.0

    Chris is right, You just have to change the default browser from chrome to IE7.

    If you want IE to ask to make it your defualt browser, you will have to check "tell me if ie is not default" which is below "make default option".
    tools >ie options>programs (as Chris said)

    If you want to change default browser and player etc:
    Click on "set program access and defaults" from the add and remove programs option in the control panel.

    (And try firefox if you are an IE fan, because interface will be similar to IE and features will be better then IE.)

  • Chris Hoffman

    IE 7 is still on your computer; it's just not your default web browser. You can open it from your Start menu (Start->All Programs->Internet Explorer)
    It may prompt you to become your default web browser -- if so, you're done. If not, click Tools, click Internet Options, click the Programs tab and click Make Default.

    Google Chrome will still be installed -- you can uninstall it from Add/Remove programs in the control panel, but this isn't necessary.

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