Is it possible to repartition Kubuntu without having to reinstall?

Keefe Kingston November 1, 2012
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I was a fool. I thought setting the boot, root, user, and home partitions apart would be a good idea, and ease up on the upgrade pains (like a few articles told me). But it’s only been a pain from the beginning. Now i have Kubuntu 12.10 Beta, and want to upgrade to the latest official release. However, i was wondering if it’s possible to somehow re-partition my Kubuntu setup, so that all the separate partitions were all on one partition, without losing data.

Is it possible to backup all the files in a Linux distro from multiple partitions, and restore it all to one? The Swap partition needs to be separate…I know that much. I just wish to undo this error in my judgment, without having to re-install my programs all over again.

Is any of this possible, or is my hope unjustified?

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