How can I repair or remove and reinstall Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7?

MFK August 21, 2010
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1. IE8 suddenly wont take me (even if I add it to Trusted Sites) and there seems to be the overall inability to handle https.

2. All of the Use SSL and TLS entries in IE’s Advanced Settings are grayed out, I can’t change them even if I run it as administrator.

3. Earlier I had a add-on mess up (the Ask Toolbar slipped in with the darn Foxit Reader) and IE Reset or System Restore wouldn’t work. I did a bit of manual cleaning and it seemed to work fine for sometime.

4. Add / Remove Windows components is useless since trying to remove IE8 from there and then adding it again did nothing, it still remembered my homepage and other settings, it was more like Hide and Unhide!

Basically, I have a broken browser that should be removed and reinstalled. Could anybody suggest how to go about this?

Reagrds ~ MFK.

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