How can I repair my laptop screen when it shows horizontal lines?
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What to do if my laptop display shows horizontal lines. Is there any way to repair it by myself because I will have to spend lots of bucks otherwise.

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Answers (8)
  • steve

    i have vertical lines and just a grey screen, when i plug in an external screen/ monitor i get perfect picture. Things i have tried checked my screen in another laptop and it works, replaced the ribbon cable no change to screen, i even tried another screen no change. Would the inverter be the problem? Am i right in saying it can’t be the graphics chip as i get a picture on external monitor?

  • fatihamzah

    The better way to fix this is replace your laptop monitor/LCD

  • Karma

    showing horizontal lines means it is the problem of windows problem. I mean your windows have been corrupted by malicious, virus. So to repair it you have to download virus removable tool & run it in safe mood. then also it doesnt work than you have to instal new windows. It may work 100%

  • ferdinan Sitohang

    Like bruce said, the best thing to do first is checking it in the other monitor, if still getting horizontal line, bring it to your computer vendor and ask them to fix it.

  • Bruce Epper

    You can tell if it is the screen itself by attaching the laptop to an external monitor. If you don’t have the horizontal lines when viewing on the external monitor, it is the laptop’s display screen that has the issue otherwise it is a problem with the video driver chip on the motherboard which in most cases would require replacement of the entire motherboard. Either way, it is possible for most people to handle these tasks (get decent documentaction from the manufacturer or seek manufacturer specific how-to material from the web).

  • April Eum

    there are many diy replacement for laptop screen. by the description, it probably is a disruption in your connection of laptop display. also if you have warranty or think you do, check in with your manufacturer.

  • VictorGeis

    Oh and I forgot, has excellent tutorials on lots of different computer repair projects. They also do a great job for Apple items (including iPods) and game consoles.

  • VictorGeis

    It might be a simple fix like a loose connection to your laptop display. The worst case, it is probably your screen and you’ll need to replace it. You can definitely do both of these things yourself; my girlfriend who isn’t the most tech savy person bought and replaced her screen for less than $70. Just try googling “replace laptop display” and search for your specific laptop.

    PS: When she was going to Geek Squad to get it fixed they said it would be a $75 fee to look at it, then estimated to cost another $100-$150 to fix it.

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