How to reopen closed tab on Firefox?
Question by Sanjay Patel /
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I was Chrome user until last month. I have switched to Firefox now. It been great, except I really miss the “reopen closed tab” function on the Chrome. Is there any way to do it on Firefox?

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Answers (10)
  • avinash_kaltari

    Press Alt+S and goto recently closed tabs. By the way, may I know what made you switch from chrome to firefox?

  • Kb

    Ctrl+Shift+T is great but i want reopen all the tabs that were closed by closing the firefox.When i start firebox again it should reopen all the tabs that were last closed with out any keyboard key.........??????????
    can anyone tell me .for that

    • Tina


      Firefox should do that by default. Go to > Firefox > Options and in the > General tab under > Startup set what Firefox does when it starts to > Show my windows and tabs from last time.

      If that doesn't work, I recommend an extension called Session  Manager, which can help you restored crashed browsing sessions.

    • Jay.0

      Does firefox show a warning when you try to close multiple tabs ?

      As Tina Said, It will either automatically restore all tabs or  show a page where you can select which tabs to restore.

      You can also go to history menu:
      Click on recently open tab/windows and click restore all  tabs or restore all windows.

      you can select restore session also.

  • Chris Hoffman

    You can also click the Firefox button, point to History and use the Recently Closed Tabs submenu. It shows all your recently closed tabs; you can click one to reopen it.

  • Jay.0

    Right click on tab bar and select Undo close tab. (press u)

    Or ctrl+shift+t is the same keyboard shortcut for browsers like chrome firefox and ie (as ha14 said)

  • Anonymous

    Have you tried CTRL + SHIFT + T
     close the tab currently, CTRL + W

    you can set it up so a mouse middle/right click on the tab bar opens the last closed tab?.
    There should be pull down toolbar menu that lists last "x" number of closed tabs

    Undo Closed Tabs Button

    if you want undo more tabs
    Open firefox then type; about:config, and changing the option named browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo
    the default value is 10

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