How can I rename my user folder to set up a symbolic link in Windows 7?

Bill Earl May 2, 2011
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I am trying to implement some of the methodology in the “Stuff Happens” guide. I’m running Windows 7-64 bit. I set up another partition (D) and copied all of my profile files to it. Now I would like to rename C:\Users|{username} to C:\Users\{username}_old.

I log on using my Administrator Account. When I try to do this using “Windows Explorer” and I right click on the folder then select rename and rename the folder, I get an error that the folder or a file in it is open and it can’t be renamed. I repeated this process immediately after rebooting (no programs running) and I get the same result. I rebooted the computer then logged on as Administrator and opened a command window (as Administrator) and went to the C:\Users> prompt and tried to rename {username} using the rename command. I get an error that access is denied.

Is there some other way to rename this directory? I realize that I can’t set up the symbolic link to my D: partition until the directory (folder) in the C: partition is renamed.


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