How to remove ‘Your copy of Windows is not genuine’ notification in Windows 7?
Question by Osama Javaid /
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I want to remove ‘your copy of Windows is not genuine’ notification from my Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.

I tried to remove the update KB971033 which was possibly the reason for this notification but all the methods (including registry editing and removing some wga file from system32 folder) I found online didn’t worked.

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Answers (20)
  • nitin

    u shouD Download window 7 activator , by which u can remove tha notification ! n set it as defalt loding win7loader from managr!

  • tripti

    Download and Run ReMOVE WAT ! :)

  • nagendra


  • Syanpse

    1. Click Start and type cmd in start menu search box.

    2. Right click the cmd.exe and choose run as administrator.

    3. Choose yes if it asks.

    4. Now Now in the command prompt window, type slmgr -rearm and press enter.

    5. Restart your system. Try to restart your system twice.

    6. You are done .

    What you have to realize is that if you apply this fix to Remove Windows Not Genuine Watermark, it will rearm the system for another 30 days, up to a maximum of 3 times.

    If you apply the fix after you lose your background (ie your desktop wallpaper background goes black, and you get the notification at the bottom right of the screen), you need to first uninstall the kb971033 update, then apply the fix. It will then be a PERMANENT fix. If you’re running a Remove WAT program, WAT needs to be restored first. Never mind WAT, if you have no idea about that. You can still Remove Windows Not Genuine Watermark using this fix.

  • marlon acibes

    how to remove not genuine microsoft software

  • KoMin

    Pls, My pc is being unexpected to installed by Window Genuine 7.
    So I don't want this. And-them how I can do remove it?

    Thanks and kinds your response.


  • theogene


    i would like you to help me to get rid of wga notifications
    would like to do it without backing up my files and want to come out safe
    your help is highly appreciated
    thanks and regards

  • sanjay

    how can remove the copy of windows is not genuine

  • Lee

    Do you have a legal copy of Windows? If not, I wont help you disable this notification (other than saying "google it"). If you do have a legal copy, I'd suggest contacting Microsoft support and explain the problem. If you paid for Windows and it's not working, they will help you get it working (and are really the only ones who can actually help with activation issues).


    Hello, here is more info about genuine notification with steps you could take to solve your problem if your license was working and then after updates it does not:

    To find out why your system is giving you the notification and solve the issue visit the following site and follow the instructions provided for you after you post your issue:

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