How can I remove the write protection from my SanDisk pen drive?
Question by shubham gupta /
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When I try to delete items from my SanDisk pen drive, it shows a message saying that the drive is write protected. How to remove that write protection of pen drive?

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Answers (103)
  • Sandeep Kumar

    My pen drive (sandisk 8GB cruzer blade) is write to remove the protection?

    Regards and Thanks,

  • sony

    It's not working properly,
    Can you explain it, how can i remove protection from my usb data storage device,
    My data storage device name is sandisk and that can store maximum 4 gb data,

    when i do format my usb disk, then that will showing some error is
    "" the disk is write protected""
    Please solve this problem soon as possible.

    Thank You.

  • aditya

    By mistake I have deleted the write protected folder now what should i do . ??

  • aditya

    my SanDisk 8 GB pendrive is write protected . I tried the above steps i couldn't find the USB key . Exactly what is it .

  • venkatesh

    my sandisk cruzer switch 8 gb pendrive is not working....
    when i format the pendrive it can shows an error message like this "the disk is write protected". so please tell me any idea to format my pendrive...
    i have urgently need an idea to format it.....

    • presideo

      Just a heads up to anyone still experiencing this problem, the suggestion of using Check Flash 1.16.2 is the one that worked for me. Had a crash copying files to usb flash drive and from then on it was write protected and unusable. Loaded up Check Flash and did the following:


      1. Under Access Type Select As Logical Drive (NT-based Systems only)
      2. Under Action type Select Full Erase
      3. Under Drive: Slect USB flash drive
      4. Hit start and wait. It will format/erase the drive and allow you to use it again.

  • Yogiraj mishra

    Dude! just use any boot cd and boot your PC with pluging the pen drive or can try many tools out there like HP usb disk
    or Disk security ASC disk utility!

  • Tshering Dhendup

    Anonymous, i have a Sandisks pendrive. i tried out all the ways to remove the write protection. i followed all your instructions correctly but still unable to format and the error message is " The Disk Is write Protected".

    Can you please help me if there is any other ways to format this protected disk

  • mani sankar

    How can I remove the write protection from my SanDisk pen drive?

  • pyare

    my pen drive go to write protect how to formet my pen drive ???

  • purohitdevan

    How can I remove the write protection from my SanDisk pen drive?

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