How can I remove the virus or malware in my Facebook account?
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I cannot send messages or post in my Facebook account. Every time I do it, it always says limited access in my account because they detect malware or a virus. So it has almost been 3 days and until now I still cannot use my Facebook account.

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Answers (74)
  • ginnnaa

    I am locked out of my account. I keep getting the following error.

    Your account is temporarily locked.
    Your computer appears to be infected with a malware.

    I've tried everything to fix it by using the AVIRA ANTI-VIRUS to scan all programs in my computer but it did not work.

    Can anyone help?

  • prashanth

    i am not able to open face in my computer, as it shows some virus is infected to my account ,, acn u help me out

    • Tina

      Where does it say you have a virus and what exactly does it say? Are there any instructions how you can regain access to Facebook?

  • Vignesh

    i cant connect to facebook chat by any software. i can only chat by facebook' defalt chat itself. i noticed some ads in my account i cant close those ads... plz giv me solutions to this............

  • gaurang acharya

    my account viruce heacked plz free it....

  • irfanul khan

    How can I remove a malware or virus from my Facebook account?

  • sakher massad

    becuse it my communication and educational site

  • dimple

    change your password

  • patrick matondo mpolo

    i have never see such evil things like this?

  • hill maniquiz

    im having aproblem with this site (, i cant go to my facebook account and its going on for a few days now, can you please help me on this one, how can i remove them.

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Scan your PC for viruses,use update browsers and check whether any malicious app is installed in your Facebook account.

  • neisha
    this link really helped just follow what she is saying and you would be able to access your profile

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