How can I remove a virus if it has blocked my task manager?
Question by paramesh /
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My task manager is not enable due to virus problem, how to enable my task manager?

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Answers (5)
  • Aibek

    Hi Paramesh,

    Were you able to remove the virus? Did you find suggestions above helpful? Let us know.



    Hello, to enable the task manager properly, you have to clean your system. Here is what you do. Use another computer to get the following software on a flash drive. Download the .com, .scr or iExplore.exe version of this softare:
    rkil —

    Go to the following link and download Malwarebytes free version:

    Go to the following link and download the Portable version of the software. While you are doing this, update the software:

    The best option is to do the scanning on safemode with networking. It can also be done on normal mode but it is a little bit trickier because the virus is going to try and stop you. Now that you have the software from the previous links on a flashdrive, plug the drive into the infected computer. If it lets you, explore the contents of the flashdrive and find the rkill software. Double click on it to execute. This software stops any processes and executables in used by the malware. Give the software time to execute the commands, sometimes it takes a few minutes. You will know when the software killed all the malware processes because you will loose all your icons and the taskbar on your system.
    — Try using control + alt + del
    or control +shift + Esc keys to access task manager. Now you will be able to open and use task manager.

    Find the .com file for superantispyware and execute it. Try to update the software, if it is not possible do not worry about it. If you downloaded the file recently, it should already have the most recent signatures. Run a full scan. Delete/quarentine everything that the software finds.

    When superantispyware is finished with the full scan, double click on the malwarebytes software. This will install it on your system. Update if possible and then run a full scan. Delete/quarentine any entries found. You can also run a full scan with your antivirus. Once all the scans are finished running, restart computer.

    Depending on what kind of malware your computer got infected with, you might have redirections to malware or other sites. Check the following setting Internet Explorer:
    — Open Internet Explorer
    — Click on Tools
    — Click on Internet Options
    — Connections
    — Click on Lan Settings
    — Under the Proxy Setting heading
    — If it is check mark, uncheck Use a proxy server for your lan
    — Click on Ok, and Ok
    — Close and restart your browser

    Restart your computer. Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware need a restart to get rid of some of the entries that they could not get rid when the computer was running. Now your computer should be clean and normal but they might still be some entries left. If the cleanup went ok, you should be able to open task manager as you normally would. You should not need to run rkill again. Run a full scan with malwarebytes, superantispyware and your antivirus to make sure there are no left over files on your system.

    If you still find that your computer is still not normal, run the scans on safemode with networking. To do that, follow these steps:
    — Restart computer
    — Keep pressing f8
    — Highlight Safemode with networking
    — click enter
    — log in to administrator account
    — Update software if possible and run full scans
    — Once all scans are finished, restart computer on normal mode.
    — Hope it works for you.

  • Anonymous

    Download superantispyware, do a scan and clean, i think yhere are some fixing utilities there just search for it.

    Re-Enable Portable

    Quick Disaster Recovery


    Hello read my post under FIDELIS on this link:

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