How do I remove unwanted email addresses from my Yahoo contacts?
Question by Chris /

When I have sent email to anyone from my Yahoo Mail, their addresse automatically registers in my contacts file, but there is no delete icon to remove them. I have highlighted all the ones I don’t want but nothing comes up to delete them, I have even right clicked and there is no delete option in this menu either.

Please help!

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Answers (6)
  • Annie

    Same problem. No delete options anywhere at any time even with all targeted contacts highligthed. Just a small “loading” window that never loads anything.
    So, how does one delete those pesky useless contacts (yahoo mail)?

  • Chris

    Hi Alan,

    Thank you for the information, yes it worked and I deleted all the unwanted addresses. I then went through to my Yahoo page again to check if it had worked and they had gone so I tried another but the list of options which included delete didn’t appear.The question now is How do I get these options to stay on my page ?

    Many thanks

  • Chris

    Sorry, not resolved just yet.

  • Bruce Epper

    Log into Yahoo Mail. Click on the Contacts tab. Select all of the contacts you wish to delete. To the right of the contact list is a detai pane. There is a delete button above the details.

    • Chris

      Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately the only details at the side of my contacts list are Import contacts, Fix duplicate entries and Learn how to have contacts on the go with your phone or mobile.


  • Emmi Bances

    I use SMSPUP, It is fast and user friendly :D

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