How can I remove a file type association for .lnk files?
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I have read the ‘How to fix .lnk file associations‘ question. I have the issue, but none of the answers actually say ‘associate program XYZ’ with the .lnk file type.

I think my issue is that there is an entry in the file association table, so every ‘shortcut’ wants to open with the associated program. How do I remove the .lnk entry so that Windows 7 will run the program the shortcut points to?

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Answers (21)
  • Philanikheswa

    I love you, thank you so much 

  • Mony

    Thanks a lot ha14
    U made my day
    awesome tool
    thanks a lot to its creator and you

  • Vietnastee

    Thank you.  Solve my problem also.  Great job!!

  • Guest

    it did exactly what i wanted it to.  thanks. 

  • Bab

    THANKS !!!! it works 

  • Bob

    how do you do this manually? Why would I run a .exe on my computer that I download from a random website posed as a helping type file. No I don't need any viruses thanks you so much. 

    • Tina


      you can do it manually by editing the registry. I don't know which keys to edit, though. I'm sure you can find it using Google.

      But why the hassle? Count the comments above of people stating that it worked. And look again to find anyone who reports this .exe file was malware.

      Good luck!

  • Pratyusha95

    Thank you so much for that! It was so helpful, I cannot being to tell you. Thanks very much.

  • Juderoy

    thx man...u r super good!!! problem solved

  • Rajraban111

    many many tnks friend u solved my problem

  • Moewilliam

    Mille Grazie amico.

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