How can I remove an old email and change my Apple ID to update my apps?
Question by Daijha /

I have trouble deleting my old email address on the Apple ID to update my apps. I have been using a different Apple ID to get my apps. I want to use to same one to update my apps, but I don’t know how to delete the email address locked into the Apple ID.

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Answers (10)
  • Beautiful Smurfette

    I can’t delete the old Ipod account, i have added a new account thinking it would replace the old one, but it hasn’t. What do i do and how can i delete my old account please ?

  • Katie Conway

    You can’t change the Apple ID but you can change the contact email. Just go to my

    • Terri

      I went to apple id and changed my contact email and password now it will not let me update my apps or sign in to the old account.

  • Paulina Rojas

    I really don’t know how you can do that. I have the same issues.

  • Barbara moote

    I want to delete my as my Apple I’d

    • Barbara moore

      I want to delete my Apple Id email name.the name is please cause I can’t download or open my apps to tunes on here thank you

    • Barbara moote

      Please Delete my email .I want another one.I can download or open any of my apps .thank you

    • Barbara moore

      Please delete my email name thank you

    • Mike

      I’m not entirely sure what your issue is.
      Are you not able to open Apps you downloaded on your iOS device or are you not able to download the Apps in the first place?

      You cannot delete an Apple ID. You can only logout of your current one and create/use a different one.

  • ha14

    Can I delete my Apple ID? IDs cannot be deleted, it is recommended you remove all personal information from your Apple ID profile instead.

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