How do I remove Computrace LoJack from my laptop?
Question by Marco Saenz /

I want to remove Absolute/Computrace Lojack from my laptop. They use a persistance software that I believe is placed in the BIOS. I want to be free of big brother – how can I remove this?

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Answers (2)
  • Smokey99

    Computrace Lojack is built into the BIOS; assuming you purchased the laptop from one of the few manufacturers, you can only flash the BIOS if an update is provided by the manufacturer. However, I would recommend trying to locate any reference to the program in your BIOS and disabling it. 

    Additionally, you can find some additional information from this site.


    Hello, Am a little hesitant about answering this questions because there could be many reasons why this needs to be done.  One obvious and probable option could be to update/reset BIOS.  To accomplish this for sure, why not reformat computer with a disc, making sure not to use the hidden recovery partition would work.