How can I remove Bing from Internet Explorer 9?
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What’s the best way to remove Bing from IP9? I tried all the suggestions and none worked.

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Answers (8)
  • catalin

    @FIDELIS :good tutorial. thanks a lot!

  • Ekesawi

    Thank you all. I actually tried the 2nd suggestion before even looking here and it sure did work. Adding another search engine makes the Bing removable; that's when i tried the 3rd suggestion by going tools manage addins, etc. This one did not work b/c the remove button is not highlighted. The 1st suggestion would work but as the author said, it’s a little advanced. Thanks you all again and let’s keep this stuff going. It's indeed helpful to all. EKE


      Hello, I am glad your problem was solved......did you try just leaving it disabled? or right clickling on entry and selecting remove?  It should let you remove it once another search engine is enabled.

  • Jay

    you can hide it from view menu.
    view > toolbars> uncheck bing


    Hello, are you referring to bing toolbar or bing search engine?  If it is search engine, try the following:

    -- open internet explorer
    -- click on tools
    -- select internet options
    -- in general tab, and under search tab, click on settings
    -- click on search providers
    -- select another search engine, such as google and highlight it
    -- once highlighted, click on set as default
    -- highlight the bing search engine and then select remove
    -- click on close and then ok
    -- restart explorer

    If it is a toolbar, do the following:

    -- open internet explorer
    -- click on tools
    -- select internet options
    -- click on programs tab
    -- click on manage add ons
    -- click on toolbars and extension
    -- highlight bing toolbar
    -- click on disable
    -- click on close and then ok.

    Can you explain a little bit more about what you have tried? 

    • Suresh. A

      While doing this exercise, by mistake first i deleted bing later selected google as my search. Now bing is no more in any of the above places to modify but bing is retained as main search in the centre of internet explorer. What to do ?

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Try reinstalling Internet explorer.

  • Mjevolve

    hello . 

    as you say you have tried all the methods , 
    i would recommend some thing a little for the experienced .

    >download this tool -- Autoruns .

    >extract the contents .

    >right click on the Autorun.exe and then run as administrator .

    >in the window that opens , click on the Internet Explorer tab on top .
    you will see the listing of all add ons and extensions of IE .

    >look for where it says the Bing bar .

    >right click on it and then Delete .

    >close the program and restart the system . 

    >now open IE and it should be clean of Bing .

    as Autoruns is a powerful tool , i would recommend creating a restore point before using it .

    try and tell if it worked or not, else we can try something else or if more help needed ...

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