Can I remove the battery from my broken laptop without risking the hard drive?

Daniel Herring January 19, 2012
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I have an older model Toshiba Satellite. The left mouse button has been loose for a while now, but yesterday it sunk deeper down into the laptop and that’s when it shutdown.

I tried powering it back up but nothing happens. No lights no sounds nothing. I take my time and pull the mouse button back into position thinking that would fix it but no, the laptop will still not power on.

All around the net I’ve seen a method of taking the battery out and unplugging the power cord then holding power before inserting the battery again.

I want to try this to see if I can get power long enough to backup my files.

I’m concerned though that when I remove the battery it might affect the hard drive

Can I take out the battery and try the fix without risking my hard drive ?


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