How can I remove the Babylon virus from my browser?
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Babylon (a good virus) move in my Windows 7. It’s not downloading on PC. Sits in my search block in the top right corner. When I go to Tools, Internet, General, I type in Lower it says Google and Babylon and I can’t move or delete it.

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Answers (39)
  • weclh6980

    Firefox Help


    Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems

    Over time Firefox can develop problems like slowness, crashing, unwanted toolbars and more. Troubleshooting and fixing these issues can be difficult and time consuming. The Reset Firefox feature can fix many issues by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your essential information.
    Table of Contents

    What does the reset feature do?
    How do I reset Firefox to its default state?

    What does the reset feature do?

    All of your Firefox settings and personal information is stored in your profile folder. The reset feature works by creating a new profile folder for you while saving your:

    Browsing history
    Web form auto-fill information

    Warning: When using the reset feature, the following items are either NOT SAVED or set to their defaults.

    Extensions and themes: Although they can be incredibly helpful, some extensions and themes can cause problems. If you need to reinstall important extensions, see Find and install add-ons to add features to Firefox for help.
    Open tabs, windows and tab groups: The reset process will close all open websites. Since your bookmarks and browsing history are saved you should still be able to easily return to your favorite sites. See Where can I find my bookmarks? and Search your bookmarks, history and tabs with the Awesome Bar for more info. Also, since your cookies are saved, you shouldn't be logged out of any websites you were logged into before the reset.
    Site-specific preferences, search engines, personal dictionary, download history, DOM storage, security certificate settings, security device settings, download actions, plugin MIME types, toolbar customizations and user styles are also not saved. See the Profiles - Where Firefox stores your bookmarks, passwords and other user data article for more information about these.

    How do I reset Firefox to its default state?

    At the top of the Firefox window, click the Firefox button, go over to the Help sub-menu
    (on Windows XP, click the Help menu at the top of the Firefox window) and select Troubleshooting Information.

    Troubleshooting info - win

    Click the Reset Firefox button in the upper-right corner of the Troubleshooting Information page.

    Reset Firefox - Win - 1

    To continue, click Reset Firefox in the confirmation window that opens.
    Firefox will close and be reset. When it's done, a window will list the information that was imported. Click Finish and Firefox will open. That's it – you're done!

    Share this article: You can use the link to easily share this article with others. It will display instructions automatically customized for their operating system and language.

    Contributors to this page: Verdi, scoobidiver, Swarnava, Matt_G of Firefox

  • thomas poole

    why dont i have google chrome anymore? all of a sudden i have bebylon and i dont want this

  • becky

    I wish someone would file a lawsuit against bablylon. I agree that this is a virus. It has slowed down my computer.

  • Don Conley

    How can I remove Babylon search from my computer. I just got the computer yesterday, New, and Babylon is already on it. and I dont even know how to use the computer yet. . . . .

  • trevia wade

    i would like my avg secure search back but babylon is there i have uninstalled and even deleted it from my extensions i have done everything that can be done and it wont go away how can i get rid of it for good do not want as my search bar helppppppppppp please make it go away pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jean

    After doing everything everyone suggested on 10 different websites (all the above included) I still had the babylon page open along with the google (chrome) page.

    Finally, I went to the little tool icon on the upper right side of the page, clicked on settings, appearance, new tab page (change), clicked on the word "change" and changed "open this page" to "New Tab page"! Voila! It's gone!!!!!!!!

  • sabeer


    Please follow this below link to remove Babylon from IE.

  • Marlene

    Deleting Babylon is not that complicated... Read this to delete it completely. I had the same problem, and figured it out...

    Copy and paste the address into your browser.

  • Babylon support

    Hello from babylon support team!
    Babylon is not a virus and it's very easy to remove the babylon search page and toolbar.
    For a video that will show you how to easily remove the Babylon search homepage, please enter:
    We would be glad to help you with any issue that you encountered. Please contact us at and we'll get it sorted out

    • Shadow

      Yes, your program is a virus / malware. I was not asked if I wanted to install your program, it slows my PC down, resets itself every time i try to change it, has infected most of my registry, and is placed in locations that you normally would not have such things with names unrelated to you search engine as well as being list as a virus by Norton and several other anti virus programs I am looking into what legal action can be taken against you.

  • Renee Amormino

    If You fell for downloading Babylon as I did, here's what I had to do.. I am using Windows 7. First I went in to the control panel and removed the proggram from my computer. Then after restart, I still had the problem of Babylon changing my home page and search engine back to there program and web address. So I did a system restore, reboot and the problem was fixed. Just be sure to check that the date you restore to doesn;t have any critical updates that you will ned to reinstall.

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