How can I remove the Administrator password in Windows XP?
Question by pramod patil /

I have created a Windows Administrator password, but now I want to remove password protection from Administrator account. Please suggest any solution.

I have tried from Control Panel user accounts (pick a task), but there is no link remove password. I have Windows XP Professional SP3.

Thank you.

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Answers (9)
  • Lee

    Are you talking about the default Windows Administrator account that usually only shows up in Safe Mode, or are you talking about your own user account that you created? If the latter, just log in to that account and use Control Panel (like the other answers suggest) to remove the password. If you are talking about the default Administrator account, you could try rebooting into safe mode, logging in to the admin account, and using control panel to remove the password. To get into safe mode:
    1. Reboot your computer
    2. Right after the BIOS is done (right after the manufacturer's logo goes away) hit F8 (try hitting it like crazy). You have to do this before the Windows boot starts.
    3. It should show a list of every driver being loaded and then show the login screen.
    4. Click the Administrator account (or type it in if you don't use the Welcome Screen)
    5. Type your password and log in.
    6. Go to control panel (like suggested in the other answers) and try removing your password.



    -- click on start
    -- control panel
    -- User accounts
    -- select the administrator account you created
    -- click on remove password
    -- type current password
    -- click on remove password

    or you could follow the first 4 steps and instead of selecting remove password, you could try the following:

    -- click on start
    -- control panel
    -- User accounts
    -- select the administrator account you created
    -- click on change password
    -- type your current password in first box
    -- click on second box and leave blank
    -- click on third box and leave blank
    -- click on change password button

  • Meimei

    1. If you have an Ubuntu live CD you can reset it using chntpw application
    2. You can use Bart's PE + Password Renew to reset the password
    3. You can use Offline NT Password Editor to reset the password.
    4. You can use Windows Password Rescuer tool to reset/remove the password instantly.

    • Tina

      Please note that MakeUseOf can not guarantee that any software recommended within the comments is legitimate or maleware-free. Specifically paid software (number 4 above) should be avoided, unless the source is highly credible.

  • Zhuliya622

     Just download the Windows Password Key and burn it to a CD or USB drive, then insert the disk to your locked computer, reboot, press the button it says on the screen. then it will auto reset the password in minutes.

  • Richard Carpenter

    This is the tool I use, which will reset most passwords on Windows. It is a little hard to use as it has no GUI, all text based

  • Jay

    Make sure you are logged in from your admin account.

    Did you click on your user name (admin account) from pick an account to change ?

    then you should see the remove password option.

  • Jeff Fabish


    Go to Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and under 'pick an account to change' select the account. Then press "Remove my password", you now must enter the password to the account. Finally, press "Ok" and you're done!

    Alternatively, you may go to Start -> Run and type "cmd.exe". A command prompt will appear, enter the command "net user [username] *" without quotes. Be sure to replace [username] with the ID of the user you want to remove the password from. Don't forget the space between the ID and the asterisk. Here's an example if the username was 'Jeff':

    net user Jeff *

    Then it will ask you to type a new password for the user, just press enter twice to change it to a blank (or no) password. You now don't have a password.

    - Jeff

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