Do registry defraggers really work and are they safe?
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I’m trying to keep my computer as fast as possible, and so I thought it was time to defrag my computer. Before anyone suggest this, yes, I do use Soluto and that to keep my bootup trimmed down, and keep my system clean with CCleaner

While updating the defragger I use, I noticed they have a product for defragging your registry (here’s the link: Now, I know how important the registry is, and how big and complex it can get, but does their product do what they say it does? Can this actually speed things up a bit, or is the registry fine the way it is? And are such products (legit products, not spyware infected counterfeit programs) safe?

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Answers (13)

    Hello, any help site and/or any technician that knows what he/she is doing, will advice you to stay away from registry cleaners and registry defragmenters, specially if you are running windows 7.  If you want to avoid registry problems, do not install stuff that you do not need and also when uninstalling trying using programs like Revo Uninstaller. 

  • Joey Dee


  • Anonymous

    the registry is a database and database fragmentation is a common problem, well depends on your pc usage, power, WIndows version. Registry defragmenters DO help performance, because they compress it and reduce the size of your registry by a X% or more, which is translated into faster system startup and lower ram usage. Now if after compression you gain 1 or 2% of size then the performance is not huge and the case will be different if you gain 20% of space. If your computer will be faster after defragmentation depends on many parameters, for instance how big your registry is, how heavily it is fragmented and how fast your computer is.

    If you realy need to find out if a certain software is free of spyware, adware, upload it to virus total.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I just put it in the description, since I know there is software that claims to be registry optimizers and such. But thanks for your response! :)

  • Jeff Fabish

    There are defects that can accumulate in your registry, some of which include unused file extensions, unreferenced hives/keys or missing the corresponding software. There are also a lot of default values in the registry that may be tweaked to make Windows faster, this is why some programs such as TuneUp Utilities take a survey from the user to understand what should be disabled or modified.

    So yes, I believe they are safe, but whenever you start making extremely precise modifications to the brain of the operating system, you run a high risk. I use CCleaner to cleanup my registry, it looks for simple anomalies and removes them, no real need to get the edge with dedicated software.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your reply! I use CCleaner also on the registry, so maybe I’ve been doing the right thing all along. Also, I know this is unrelated, but some how now all my comments i write On this site point the the same link! XP And I can’t find any formating options to switch anything off. I don’t even know hos this happened!

    • Anonymous

      Nevermind…it went back to normal after I posted something. XP

    • Tina

      Thanks for the feedback, and hope your comment issues on this site are solved. :)

  • Mjevolve

    as the answer to your question cannot be simply put in a short paragraph or a few lines , 
    go through this article on Lifehacker —   .

    it will clear up many doubts about Registry and what do about it …..

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