How can I regain access to my Facebook account?
Question by vickie /
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I’ve tried for 3 days now to get into my Facebook and it won’t let me.

I’ve changed my password. I’ve tried to answer new security questions, which are stupid because I can’t recognize every picture of someone. I don’t have a cell phone number. I sent them two IDs to prove it was me, gave them two names to show them it is me, still my Facebook is locked, yet others are sending me requests.

Help me someone please!

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Answers (196)
  • seven shinez

    Hi, my facebook account was locked & i can't open it from many days. When i am going to regain it then it says for identity security documents.but i can't provide it so what can i do? please help.

  • Najar-showkatnajar

    yesterday night i recieved a message from friend.So,reply her forward.That's the reason my is blocked account.

  • girl

    hi i deactivated my facebook account a year ago and i want to reactivate now..but i dont remember email id,mobile num,username,nothing..wt can i do ? how can i reactivate?

  • anthony fernandes

    i please request u to activate my account

  • rishta kumar

    my f.b account disable.kindly help me how can i oprate account again

  • Dristi Sinha

    I cannot recognize some post of my i can't access my facebook account for 7 day.what can i do now?if any one know please give response to my email( i can never open facebook.

  • Sara Austin

    I cannot open my Facebok it says i need to delete my cookies and open browser

  • hamdy zizi

    i forgot my password ana i dont have no accec to my email or cell

  • hannah

    Did you ever find a solution?!

  • Bishwajit

    my computer don't open only fecebook website , why
    please tell me the solution.
    I am using all browsers but no solution i have getted.
    please tell me the solution...

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