How can I reduce my mobile Internet usage on Android?
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I am on a Three mobile contract and recently got a Sony Xperia Arc S. My problem is that I get 500MB of mobile Internet data but it doesnt last at all. Three days ago I had 500MB but now I have only got 342MB left and I dont know why it is moving so fast.

I have tried to disable data traffic but it’s still the same and I dont use that many applications either, just a few games.

So, how can I reduce mobile data usage?

Thank you!

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Answers (24)
  • Michael Hanko

    You can also use your WiFi when at home and/or work to reduce data usage as anything downloaded over WiFi will not count towards your data plan. So wait until you get home to download those big videos and apps!

  • Tony Gonzaga

    Try turning off auto sync of your Google account.

  • Patrick Jackson

    1. Use Opera Mini.
    2. Stream videos on less quality.
    3. Don't indulge much in HD gaming!

  • Kannon Y

    I spent a lot of time figuring out different ways to minimize data usage while using a prepaid plan.

    Clearly, the best way is to disable 3G, but two questions that arise are: how can you tell if 3G is working or not? And how do we quickly enable and disable data, in case you plan on using it for emergencies only, as I do.

    To answer the first question, look at the top bar of your cell phone. The symbol differs across phones, but generally there's some kind of symbol representing the availability of a 3G connection. You will know whether or not your data is turned on by the absence of this icon.

    To answer the second question, you will want a quick method of toggling your WiFi AND 3G data connections. Turning on and off 3G is very difficult to do unless you have a widget or shortcut. There aren't any that I really like, but this particular app does the job alright.

    And here's a good app for quickly turning on and off WiFi. This is a particularly helpful app, because if you accidentally leave WiFi turned on, it will constantly search for an available network. If not are available, your battery will suffer tremendously.

  • shaurya gupta

    Just disable auto syncing in every app...delete free apps with ads....and of course disable data transfer.

  • mohit kumar

    Simply disable the internet on your mobile before you go to sleep.

  • ha14

    Turn Off GPRS EDGE, Disable 2G Mobile Internet on Android Phones

    Optimize data usage

    a firewall for data usage. You can put the apps you will allow to update via your cell phone network on a whitelist, the others will only update via wifi. You need root access.


  • susendeep dutta

    Besides others suggestion,you could also reduce your data usage by using Firefox browser with adblock plus addon.This blocks ads and hence reduces your data consumption.

  • David Lee

    Go to Settings > Accounts. In all accounts listed, select Sync and uncheck any services that you don't use on your Android device (i.e. the default browser if you use a third party one).

    Also turn off notifications so that the apps are not periodically checking in the background. It will mean that you have to manually check for missed texts, email, etc.

    Lastly, a great deal of widgets will actively use data as these are "always on." If you do not need instant availability, get rid of the widget and manually check by opening the app.

  • Harshal Warkhede

    Try unchecking location sharing (from Location and Security) as it uses internet data to send location information in the background.

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