How can I recover my Yahoo! account if I don’t know the answer to the second security question?
Question by Vince John Quitoriano /
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I need someone to help me with this. I can’t access my Yahoo! account because I don’t know the answer to my second question. My dad is the one who created it and he doesn’t remember. Please help!

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Answers (50)
  • domenico astrelli

    help me unlock my yahoo e mail

  • jody

    this is seriously the best way to deal with the situation. i just did it to retrieve my password without knowing the answer to my second security question.

    you should be able to recover your account. open a Support Incident with Yahoo! Account team |
    Choose: Select a product: "Yahoo! Account, Select a category: "Password and sign in", Select a sub-category: "unable to sign-in". (Bypass "Password Helper" if you've already tried this) Scroll down and on the bottom of the form select, "EMAIL A SUPPORT AGENT" The form requires one security Q&A. If you cannot remember the exact answer to the security question, list any current or past answers that may apply, or type in "I don't remember" and this will allow you to open a Support Incident where an account agent will be able to assist via emails.

    From there you will be able to get assistance on how to reset your password. i was really impressed with the service. for any other help visit and you can message them and they reply quickly.

    Hope this can help :)

  • mark

    My email yahoo has just lock and i don't remember the question and answer, also i don't remember the alternative email ID, but when i send a mail to the yahoo email ID it goes through and when i use the same email ID and password in my Facebook account it always open.

    Yours Sincerely.
    Ben Huck.

  • rowena Lavila

    Please i need your help.... My yahoo acount is locked ...i forgot the security aquestion answer... I really need my yahoo account coz ill be using it for my hacked facebook account ... I cannot reset my password on facebook because i cannot access my yahoo email.. Pleae i really need your help...

  • Derrick Tyeskie

    I need to get in my yahoo but cant remember my password or security questions

  • diana dodson

    i really need to open my yahoo email

    • susendeep dutta

      Did you tried to clear your browser cache and history ?
      What sort of problem are you experinecing ?

      Kindly elaborate it.

      If you want to have quick response,then post your question as a new under the the link below -

  • Imran Hossain

    I for got my yahoo security question answer & recovery email & i still know my password but it is not working, i don't open my account about the 5 month that's why some problem but the same email i use my Facebook.........Plz help me anybody..
    How can i know my recovery email or security question answer... i still sue the same cell phone number which i give this time when i create my account......

  • hlekani richard

    how do i log in in to my yahoo mail if i don't remember the answer to the security question

  • hlekani richard

    i cant access my account because of security questions, my lost relative opened this account for me

  • olusegun dahunsi

    i forgot the secret answer to my second question in my yahoo email account.The question is........ What was your first pet's name?

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