How can I recover a USB drive that was used for Ready Boost?
Question by Dinith kurukulasuriya /

I have a USB drive I used for Ready Boost. I Forgot to undo Ready Boost and now my USB is not allowing me to use it. How can I recover my USB drive?

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Answers (8)
  • ashish

    go to pendrive properties and and on the options select readyboost and choose “do not use this device” Windows will restore the previous settings and your pendrive is ready to use now

  • Elrick Browne

    right click my computer go to manage> then disk manager> then find your usb drive> and then right click and delete partiotion or format

  • Another_Sufferer

    I too face the same trouble with my 8GB Transcend flash drive.I enabled ready boost but forgot to undo, Now my pendrive is not recognized.I use windows 7, 64 bit. any working solutions applicable ??

  • Anonymous

    so did you tried.
    1)Right click on the usb in an explorer, 
    2)choose properties, t
    3)Then readyboost tab, 
    4) select Do not use this drive. 

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