Can I recover my undetected external hard drive myself if I can feel the disk spinning?
Question by Le santi Dolino /
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MY 500GB Western Digital external hard disk cannot be detected by any computer even though its lights switch on and I can feel the disk is spinning. What can I do?

Can I fix this by myself because the data recovery company want S$1100 to help me out. Thanks!

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Answers (29)
  • A D Jones

    I had a Western Digital 1 Terabyte External Hard Drive for my Direct TV DVR that after 2 years would not be recognized by the DVR. Tried over and over to get it to work. Had lots of movies recorded. Read about freezing the hard drive. Realized that freezing will not hurt electronics at all. Totally safe. Put the unit into the freezer for 6 hours. Stored at room temp for 12 hours and the hard drive now works perfectly.

  • mugilan

    my hard disk getting detected and its spinning...also showing removable disk icon..when i clicks removable disk icon its showing insert disk and not opening..please any one suggest me what to do....i have important data in that..please tell me how to recover my data .....

  • Cheryl Safonov

    If it can't be detected by any computer, you can't use any software to get your files back! Just bring it to a data recovery service if your data worth the price!

  • Alex Macpal

    I want to clean my 3.5" SATA hard drive of my PC from viruses. Since I can not install antivirus on it (coz it always banned by the resident virus in the hard drive) so I take the hard drive out of my PC and connect thru USB cable (using R-Drive III jumper USB2.0 to SATA IDE cable) to my laptop which has anti virus to be scanned. But it can not be detected, while I'm successfully done with my IDE hard drive.
    How to encounter this problem of my SATA hard drive?

  • anand

    i am very much upset by the seagate brand external harddisk(i have one 320gb harddisk).
    it was working good and suddenly today morning it is not working, i changed the cable and its still not working...... what to do?......
    i stored my all works for past 6 years inside it,
    what to do now, can any one help me in this and i would very happy to support you in future,
    please help me out in this matter?.....
    if not help me how to take the backup for the datas inside it....

  • Akki

    HI..i have an iomega external harddisk with me..i had access to it till the day before yesterday,,but from that day it is not detected by my lappy anymore..i have tried to connect it to another laptop..but it resulted the same..i can sense that harddisk is spinning..and the led indicator that the hdd is working is glowing..i have some important data in can i recover my data?? anyone help please!!

    • susendeep dutta

      Try to explore the external HDD using Linux live CD like Ubuntu,Linux mint.

  • Afrasiab

    Yes..Clone your hard drive with another system, it will help to detect your hard drive. You may check cable and extensions. Also try disk inspection software.

  • cypherinfo

    Hello, try easus data recovery wizrd professional:
    try it, is free trial to download. That was the only app that worked when I find in troubles. It is capable to recover deleted files too.
    I'd suggest you to run an antivirus scan after the recover.
    Let me know if it worked; if not I'll help you; contact me on twitter: @cypherinfo
    Remember that the reason why you do not have access to your hard disk may be: it is a boot disk; so when you plug it windows cannot recognize it: you have to access it and change not to boot disk; the other one is you have to assign it ownership and admin permissions; right click go to security tab, click advanced under the Permissions for SYSTEm and go on.

    • Le santi Dolino

      Thanks for the information. But I already gave up on this one. it seems a part of my hdd got burned due to power fluctuation. I appreciate all your help. God bless you all always

    • mani kumar

      just in case if HD is still same as before...i would like to suggest u to use TESTDISK software for recovering the data free of cost. I have done that just 2 days ago. mail me if u need any help.

  • Sri Swaminathan Vanarasi

    hey finally this software "Stellar Phoenix NTFS Data Recovery" helped me in recovering data..
    this may also help in ur case .:)

    • ahnaf

      Hi Sri Swaminathan Vanarasi, i am also having the same problem like you had and i've already downloaded the "Stellar Phoenix NTFS Data Recovery" software...could u tell me which method did u use in the software to recover the data??

      your help would be much appreciated.TQ

  • Oliver Powell

    Hello Dolino,

    You can remove the case of the dead hard drive and check hard drive equipments one by one to come out with failing part like header, platter, spindle motor. Once you are done with that, post your results here and I'll let you know how to replace that particular part to make your hard drive working.

    Good Luck!!

    • Le santi Dolino

      Thank you for your concern Mr. Powell. I will try to open my unit after work. Thank you very much

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