How can I recover my stolen Nokia phone?
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My Nokia 5130c-2 was stolen. How can I recover it? I have the serial number.

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Answers (39)
  • prabhakar kadam

    I have lost my nokia lumia 510 on dated 16/02/2013 at 5.30 pm , so how i can track my mobile ?

  • Gideon

    How can i recover my stolen Nokia C1 00 phone i cant remember any thing like imei number i can only remember my phone number and some contact in it. please someone should help me out.

  • anupam kaintura

    I lost my mobile phone on 11 of january this year but i count not trace it, Please tell me what to do? I have some important numbers in it. Can i find my mobile phone? Please tell.

  • Hardy

    When i on my nokia5130, it will off & on

    • susendeep dutta

      Try charging the battery to full and keep it to cool itself and then turn it on.If it doesn't improves the situation of your phone,then change your phone's battery as it might be the culprit.

  • prashanth

    Somebody stollen my nokia 6030 how can i identify where that was located

  • neelam yadav

    i have lost my nokia C2-02 Cell on 14th dec and also no tracker setting has been made how can i find the person who had stolen my mobile

  • Naushad

    Hi.,my nokia c2 01 has stolen then how can i get my phone back.please reply thank u.

  • Arnab De

    Dear Sir
    Today evening my nokia C6 01 Symbian3 mobile has been stolen and now it is switched off Please tell me if there is any way to find it out

  • manoj

    i loss my mobile nokia 112 How can i recover it.

  • missy

    i lost my mob jus 4 days ago in my college.. n its a new i want it how am i supposed to track down? bt i have blocked the simn d phone

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