How can I recover photos from a mini SD card?

Erica February 13, 2012
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My 8 GB mini SD card from my HTC EVO suddenly stopped working from one second to the next. Sprint says there is nothing I can do. I purchased a SD card reader and new SD card but my computer and my phone don’t recognize the original SD card at all. The SD card reader works with the new SD card and will open up on my computer but the old one won’t.

I’m not super tech savvy but I would really love some help. I tried the other suggestions given to the similar questions but nothing works. I am desperate to repair this SD card as we have some pictures from the birth of my son on it. I was actually in the process of emailing the pictures to myself so that I could save them to my computer because they are so precious to us. Anyone have suggestions? I read about a professional service to recover but does anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you so much in advance for any help you provide.

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