How can I recover my lost Yahoo eMails?

10 Mar 2010
10 Mar 2010 | |

I take pictures and short video clips on my cell phone, then email them to myself on my home computer. I forward many of them to other people. My email provider is Yahoo. I have emailed pix and video clips from my phone to my home computer many times.
This time, when I tried to forward the video clip to my mother’s email, I got a dialogue box saying something about needing to update my Quicktime to a newer one. When I clicked the “yes” button, my emails started disappearing from the inbox. They were deleting, one after another.
I had over 1800 emails in my inbox. The emails are not in the trash folder or in the recycle folder on the desktop. I went into My Computer to see if I could find them in Quicktime or any other folders, etc. I could not find them.
Please tell me how to recover my emails.

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