How can I recover lost contacts and messages on my iPhone 3G?
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I own an iPhone 3g. I erased some messages and was trying to retrieve accidentally when I connected my phone to iTunes. It synced and now I have lost all contacts and messages. The phone has been reset to a previous backup that was on iTunes. How can I recover my lost contacts and messages?

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Answers (12)
  • Michele Cornman

    I have a galaxy attain 4G and lost all my contacts and messages. when I had a master reset done on my phone how can retrieve my contacts and messages

  • Rachel Lopez

    I deleted some e-mail address off my husbands iphone not realizing it was going
    to delete the addresses off my computer contacts. Is there any way to retrieve
    those addresses?

    Rachel Lopez

  • Min Shum

    Always make sure to keep a safe backup of your iPhone contacts and other important data to prevent this in the future. You can use the iCloud or third-party apps to keep your iPhone contacts backed up:

    I personally do not rely much on iTunes-made backups since they are are made occasionally and are often incomplete (say after a long time you haven't used iTunes with your iPhone).

  • Dark Reaper

    i have a iphone 3gs version 4.1.jail breaked........
    recently one of my little brother erased all my iphone contacts via (erase contact) app and now there is nothing left i hve tried visiting different sites but i am unable to recover my contacts..... previously i never used itunes and never backed up any thing on the computer or wat ever coz i dont know much........... plz help me recover my contacts........wat software could do the trick.....i hve tried different sites but all of them tell about previously backed up data to be restored mine is a different case plz help.....

    • ha14

      look above suggested software to help in recovery, some are shareware and is not guaranteed to recover, so it is up to you to decide which to choose based on try.

    • Dark Reaper

      tried them didnt work isnt there any way to do some thing

    • ha14

      I am affraid they are gone, if there is no trace of them then recovery will not be success, unless to visit a technician to try different approach.

  • jay

    i erased my messages from my i phone 3gs but when i search i phone i see them but cannot view all of the message how do i retrieve them

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Usually deleted messages in Apple devices goes to archived folder and you can try searching there.If you were unable to get your messages then you can implement the suggestions of ha14 and Fidelis as described below.

  • Mike

    You can try using iPhone Backup Extractor to extract the contacts from a backup. 

    The success simply depends on when you last synced your iPhone with the computer. If this previous backup you "accidentally " restored was the last time I'm afraid the contacts won't be in there.

    Other possibilities where you might find the contacts are Gmail (if you synced with them) or maybe a third party App doing contact synchronization.

    Even if your iPhone was jailbroken I'm not sure you would be able to recover them from the phone itself.

    My general advice is to start building up a safety net for your important data!

    - I regularly sync my iPhone with my Mac
    - I regularly backup my Mac using Time Machine
    - I am running Lookout Mobile

    If I lost my contacts I could restore them from iPhone backups (sync with iTunes), backups of these backups or of my Addressbook (Time Machine). And if all Mac services fail I still have them online at Lookout Mobile and could restore them to any phone Lookout is available for.

  • ha14

    if there is no backup then most likely message were lost.perhaps the following can help?

    Decipher tools

    Sim Manager

    Myphone data

    for similar question

  • Kyem Ghosh

    U should hav set up a sync regularly once in a week or 2. By this you could have updated ur contacts and messages etc regularly. But now I don't think you can recover it cz the iTune sync was your last option to do so but u didnt hav it updated... Wait for more replies here...

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