How can I recover my jailbroken iPhone 4 that won’t boot after trying everything I can think of?
Question by frankiemaxx /
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I jailbroke my iPhone 4 a week ago, worked brilliantly, however while I was downloading a file i got a phonecall and it crashed. I thought it was going to respring but it went blank, then all I got was a black screen and Apple logo. I have followed all instructions and tried Tiny Umbrella, iREB and iFunBox to get out of recovery mode and get into my phone without having to restore.

Nothing worked. Now I tried to restore in iTunes and I keep getting error 1602 then error 21. I have since tried to reboot and tried other software I already mentioned again to help restore but nothing. Please help me, I’m competely stuck!

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Answers (9)
  • Cheryl Safonov

    Man, No way but to restore it into factory settings! Before that, connect it with your PC to backup all your data on it, or you will lose all your data there!

  • Gabriel Avila

    just recover it or put it into dfu mode and boot it with the software you jailbroke it with

  • Joel Alar

    you need to edit your host file in order to revert the ios to previous.

  • Victoria Doman

    have you tried charging it!?

  • frankiemaxx

    Thank you all very much for your answers and help. I restored the iphone on my sisters mac this morning then rejailbroke on my windows laptop and restored from my backup. I plan to uninstall itunes and apple mobile device on my laptop now anyway to hopefully not have this problem in the future.

    Thanks again

  • cranko_

    just to make you clear, you need to uninstall these : iTunes and Apple Mobile Device.Revo Uninstaller free trial can do the job for clean uninstallation.
    Good luck!

  • cranko_

    Have you tried to use any other PC, Laptop or Macs to proceed with the restore process? Seriously, if you need speed up recovery to restore your iPhone i would go for fresh PC with iTunes that has never been used for jailbreaking or you can try to uninstalled the iTunes completely and flushed the registry then do the fresh install. It worked for me, save the headache on the technical side to play around with the host file.

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