How can I recover hidden files and folders locked with Folder Lock on a non OS partition after installing a new operating system?

Dhiraj Jaiswal September 2, 2012
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I had some files in folder on my drive. That folder was saved in “folder lock.exe” version 5 on my F drive that is not a primary drive, i.e. my OS is not installed on this drive. Then I hid that folder using attirb command “attrib +h +s drive:/file path”.

Around 15-20 days back I show and oped that folder lock. Then due to some reason I installed Windows XP and Windows 8. When I did all these things, I found that my folder lock is not available on my drive.

I tried so many software to recover that file, but I am not getting that file. I already recovered these folder lock earlier, also when it was deleted. But this time I am not able recover that. I am not sure that folder was deleted by antivirus or due to formatting.
I need your help. Please, that file is very important for me.

Thanks, I’m waiting for reply.

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