How can I recover my hacked Hotmail account?
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How can I recover my hacked Hotmail account?

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  • Esam

    someone else is using my hotmail account, i cant access my account

  • Chris

    I got an email re HOTMAIL that it would be closed within 72 hours if I didn’t identify myself, giving password and security questions etc. This was not official MSN site so be careful, check where any ‘warnings’ come from. Like ” ” is not MSN even though HOTMAIL is repeated in block capitals. They are the hackers if you reveal anything so you can get your account up and running again.
    I changed my password but I’m getting emails from people I know wondering if I am OK as money has been demanded as if it’s me and I’m in trouble etc. It’s criminal.

    • susendeep dutta

      You must report such emails as spam so that ext time it arrives straight into spam folder and then gets deleted automatically after certain time period.

  • AC Belliappa

    In spite of so much of efforts I could not recover my email account. Whom can I contact to recover my email account.

  • Anne Marie Spiteri

    i was hacked on my hotmail and cant get in my hotmail please tell me what can i do

    • susendeep dutta

      Did the above solutions proved helpful to you?Did you tried the recovery link provided and mentioned above?

  • Erna Dantu

    cannot get int my e mails been hacked-what can I do-

    • susendeep dutta

      These are spam and all you need to do is to send them to deleted folder or mark it as a spam so that next time they try to send it to you,they will directly go into spam folder and would be deleted after a certain period of time.

  • erna dantu

    some money making scheme hacked in to my mailbox sending all a money making scheme- got me into a lot of trouble- the hackers adress is—



    • susendeep dutta

      Kindly mention the name of your email provider so that you can get specific help.

  • harold bredbeck

    my account has been hack how do I get my hotmail.accout back

  • craig mellor

    my msn account as been blocked from me putting the wrong password in i now remember my password and would like to unblock my account as i have some vital information on there thankyou very much

  • Diane Teolis

    i have had my hotmail account hacked into by someone who i know and also my facebook,my facebook account i’m not really bothered about but my hotamil account is important as i have personal things on there from my child’s school which i need to get as my child needs this for proof at the school,also i have banking details on there which i require,i cannot reset my pass word to this account as i cannot access this with my old account,is there anything else that i can do gain access to this account as i will loose alot of important iformation and cannot regain the proof for things that i need

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