How can I recover a file deleted in Windows?
Question by shelbi joseph /
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Friends, I just deleted a file by mistake and I need it badly.

Tried to recover using O&O recovery, Tune up, and recover my files, but this file doesn’t appear.

It’s a video file I recorded from my camera in DV format. Is there any way I can get it back? By looking for recently deleted files? I deleted it a few hours ago. Any suggestions and help will be much appreciated. Thanks a ton!

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Answers (14)
  • James

    yes, you should use a data recovery program. I'd recommend asoftech that I used before.

  • Alamin_hossain

    i successfully recover my video by Recuva but the video doesn't play.

  • Data Recovery Watford

    Recuva is a brilliant program that should be perfect for this kind of task! 

  • Kerry Young

    First things first: DO NOT take any more videos or files with the memory card(within your camera) that you want to recover files from. Take the card out of your cam and put it in a safe place. Because if you take any more files or save any data to your memory card, you may quite possibly ruin your chances of recovery. Then Connect the card to your computer as it should appear as a "Removable Drive" or put the card in a card reader attached to your PC.

    Now use this recovery software called Wondershare Data Recovery ( ) I once used this program and it successfully recovered the photos I accidentally erased from the camera. I hope you good luck!

  • smallant456

    i encountered the similar thing like you, my precious photos on the computer are missing suddenly. But now i have got them back. It was really an adventurous experience. So i really want to give you some advice.
    Firstly, please don't do any operations on the partition or the device where data is missing.
    Secondly, recommend you a data recovery freeware: easeus data recovery, which i used before and helped me a lot. When you download the software, please remember not to save it on the partition or device where data is missing. However, the freeware has a limit: only can recover 1GB data. Well, you can have it a try and see if it can find the deleted video file.

    May you good luck!

  • Khmerrole

    i think so

  • ukohara

    ok my frd what i am posting here might not be true for you but i am sharing what happened with me. i accidently deleted some video files movies actually which i tried to recover using data recovery app. when the application finished its scan i saw the files i played them but the files were in parts. so u might recover it but still not in complete shape. i tried other softs but all in vain.

  • kittleboy

    And do not copy any video file with that kind of format in that drive !!!!!! until you have recovered your file

  • alan

    I would recommend Recuva as well

  • Jessica Cam W.

    Have you tried Recuva? Here are some instructions on how to use it.

    You can also try:
    - FreeUndelete
    - UndeletePlus

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