How can I recover my Facebook account after sending a copy of my ID?
Question by Jeff Martin /

Suddenly, over a week ago, I was locked out of my Facebook account. It keeps telling me that it’s sending a security code to an old mobile number that I can no longer access. I’ve been running in circles doing everything I can to verify my identity to no avail. I’ve submitted a copy of my ID at least three times and am still locked out. It’s driving me crazy, because you can’t contact a real person via email or phone, and I have no idea if I can ever access my account again.

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Answers (6)
  • Juhile Patil

    How do i recover my facebook account i have lost my email id and password n email id connected to it is deleted

  • tara MARIE

    i have sent my license at least 4 times did everything i possibly could in the help center to recover my account and nothing is working. ive been locked out of my account for 5 months. this is just a lttle crazy< all i want is to copy all my pictures.. i dont have a problem opening a new account i just dont want to lose my pictures! anyone know how i can get them??

  • susendeep dutta

    The only way left is to wait as it takes long for request to take completed.

  • Boni Oloff

    Yeah that’s anoyying. But Facebook has it’s own way of work that sometimes just don’t do anything..

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