How can I recover deleted text messages on my iPhone 4?
Question by Rikke Damkjær /
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My messages have been deleted and I would very much like to get them back. Can somebody please help me?

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Answers (136)
  • sam

    I deleted all my text messages the other day by mistake. I have never backed up my iphone is there any way i can retrieve these?

    Ive read other places that the messages are not totally deleted until you sync your phone with itunes which i haven't done and that they are saved in a archive folder.

    Can someone tell me the steps of retrieving these?

  • Bruce wells

    Help w recovering deleted txt from iphone

  • Vee

    There is a way for you to retrieve deleted text messages from an iPhone using iTunes. Read about it here

  • Stevieus

    Ok, sorry, I just wanted to troll. Sorry of anyone is going to actually answer this. My dad is super relaxed, and would never try to look at my phone.

  • veronica

    I have followed ALL of these steps and then some, I am not seeing any old texts from my back up? Please help. Thanks.

  • mohamed fawzy

    i want reload my old message on my Iphone4G

  • Molly

    Please help me I accidently deleted important texts that I need in a custody hearing against my ex where he is admitting his abuse toward my daughter and I. I deleted the by running my finger across the main message before opening the entire conversation...... I texted him to see if they'd come back when he replied. No luck .... I don't think I've synced my phone lately.... A lot of these texts happened today. The available computer with iTunes is at my parents house..... How do I know if my phone has backed up or not and how do I get these texts back. Please my daughters future depends on this..... I can't belive this has happened, I'm so stupi an clumbsy. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I need straight forward blunt instructions I'm not exactly tech savy

    • Tina


      Did you try DeciperTools recommended by ha14 above?

    • marble

      Molly, don't even bother trying that. these deciphertool guys have made this page a marketing scheme to attract users. i have already burnt my hand trying out their software. it is utter crap and they don't refund your $$. then they say that recovery differs from case to case, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. utter crap - this should be said before one buys the software. this excuse doesn't work when you take the money and then not refund it.

      Read through the comments that I and others have made about this company and their software - deciphertool is a marketing spam trying to dupe users.

    • NYGuy

      Hey marble, try out apple genius and see if you can restore. They might charge $100+

  • jose

    How can i retreave tex data from my iphone, and if so can i delete them permenantly

    • Tina


      Did you try the options listed in this thread? Which ones did you try and what happened?

  • Kayleigh

    Im a 16 year old girl who has lost her dad and her mum on the 3rd of April 2012! All my comforting words of my late mum are via texts! I really need these texts back as there the only thing that comforts me! In heartbroken over this! I used to read them every night before bed....

    • Penny

      So sorry to hear that. Sounds like a bummer.

      There is no cheap nor easy way to RECOVER texts or calls. Frankly I'm to lazy to move my ass and buy that stuff.
      But if you want to PERMANTLY delete them off your sim card, so they are gone forever, text yourself atleast 20,000 times or more (I know it's a pain but its better than being busted for sexting by your parents). Delete that lovely conversation you had with yourself. Then plug your iPhone into iTunes and RESTORE. This way the only things people will be able to see are those text messages you sent yourself.
      This solution sounds crazy and drastic, but it honestly works. It's a lot more complicated trying to explain the details of whats actually going on in your sim. But it works I swear on my life. You won't know the difference, your phone company will:)

  • Shashikala

    Hey I deleted my texts bymistake.. Could any one help me out.. How do I get them bac.. Plsss

    • ha14

      Decipher TextMessage is a small and handy application that allows you to access your iPhone backup files including messages and text chat history directly from your computer

    • Win

      ha14 can deciphertools recover my girlfriends deleted messages?

    • Sarah

      Possibly, do you have a backup of her iPhone?

    • Sarah

      Great post by the way - tried Decipher TextMessage, works awesome.

    • Erika

      You are just marketing your silly app here. Its a piece of junk. It doesn't work!!

    • Steven Brouillet

      Just my two cents. I found the decipher text program via google and this site. My girlfriend deleted a few messages from her mom who just passed away ;-( and she tried a few different programs to get them back. The Decipher Text Message one actually recovered several of the texts she was looking for. I have no clue how this stuff works from a tech standpoint, however she was thrilled to get a few of the messages back so that she now has them saved for safe keeping. The decipher tool has a free trial so we were able to see if any messages were recoverable before paying for the full version. To me, that is pretty cool since I don't want to pay for something I'm not going to use. Anyway... I would say give it a shot. Hope that info is helpful. Best Steve

    • Tina

      Thank you for your feedback, Steven!

    • Kayleigh

      Please please can you help! I'm a 16 year old girl who lost her dad and her mum on the third of April! All the comforting word I have of my mum is via text messages I must get these back as they are all that comforts me! I'm heart broken over this please someone help me !!!

    • marble

      this deciphertool is bogus software. how do i get my money back? i dont see any contacts details on the website - no email, no phone.

      their website says - "We cannot offer a refund if the deleted message can not be recovered"!!

    • ha14

      To contact the support is here

      For instance on Windows if you delete and rewrite then chances to recover files are close to 0%. Now back to iphone is the same scenario, you cant delete files and then want them back, i am sure they can be very important. The backup option to iTunes for instance should be considered to limit damages

      not many recovery iphone text messages exist and some of them are expensives for the method they use and also depends how was the text deleted. You have to try and find out the best option. There is no magic like Windows OS.

    • marble

      WTH!! you take my money, give me trash and then tell me "sometimes it will work and sometimes it won't"

      bad luck for bad practices deciphertool. i hope you mend your ways before you give online software community a bad name

    • Carla Elemsly

      I used the decipher text message free trial. It worked great and then I paid for it. Maybe give the free version a test run?

    • Wayne

      it didn't work! crap software.

    • ha14

      Some have good results and others have bad results depending the situation;

      Even on Windows if you format, delete and rewrite then the chances to recover deleted files are very close to 0%.

      The best way for iphone is always to make backup with iTunes so that o be able to recover important Text messages.

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