How to recover a deleted photo from my Facebook album?
Question by Valerie Hall /

Have deleted a photo from my album on Facebook. I need to recover it.

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Answers (13)
  • achidy

    I would like to recover a photo with all the comments that I had accidentally deleted from facebook,,,please

  • Aniket Singh

    only way that ur frnd have a copy of that via u have tagged them…… other way

  • Priya Agarwal


  • Frank Lin

    Indeed the temp folders will has your photo if you have ever view it and never clear the rubbish of your computer

  • Rishabh Sharma

    Its gone buddy

  • Mimi Williamson

    Check your Temp folder

  • Jack Schiff

    Facebook will ever paid service “recovery removed content.” All the same, as nothing is deleted, only access is lost.

  • Janeesh VJ

    check the temp folder of ur browsing data

  • Phúc Ng?c

    It’s somehow impossible :( Unless you have backed up your FB data by downloading the data before this.

  • randomBLOGorg

    You could attempt to email facebook directly

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