How can I recover deleted data with command prompt in Windows?
Question by omer khan /

How to recover deleted data with command prompt not software?

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Answers (6)
  • stephen

    i have a doubt. suppose i have deleted for one impartant file. i want to that file. how to recover that file without software only using by command prompt.

    can u explain that question?

  • Diksha

    try this…
    search for the recycle* folder in the drive.If are not able to see that then reply me.
    go to that directory through command prompt .e.g cd recyc*
    then type
    attrib -s -h recyc*

  • Nona1618

    I’m also weary of downloading software. Have tried 4 different ones (including one I paid for) in vain… Some advertise as ‘free’ but you have to pay to actually recover the files. One just kept crashing on me. A lot of them don’t work on Windows 7. But the worst is that there is no guarantee that your deleted file will actually be picked up by the software. So a CMD command would be ideal! There’s gotta be one, the deleted files are clearly lurking around somewhere…


    Hello, TestDisk is a good freeware program that is used with cmd commands.  It includes photorec mentioned by previous commenter:


  • Anonymous

    photorec will be the closest to command prompt

  • Anonymous

    There is no command that will recover data, at least in Windows.  There is some options, but I don’t recommend using CLI for recovery unless your are really familiar with CMD.

    Is there a reason you don’t want to use a program with a GUI? I have had great luck out of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. 

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