How can I recover deleted bookmarks in Firefox?
Question by Osama Javaid /

Yesterday I installed Firefox 4 beta 9, but didn’t like it so decided to remove it. When I was removing it, there was an option “remove bookmarks history cache…” I checked the option and uninstalled it.

I was thinking that it will remove history and bookmarks of beta 9 version because it was installed in a seperate folder by default. However, when I opened my old Firefox 3.6.13 all my bookmarks in that version were also gone. What should I do now? I even tried Recuva, but not any such thing was there in recover results. Tell me any way to recover those bookmarks.

note : please do something about answers section, it’s getting hard to submit a question, bar keeps on running without submitting question.

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Answers (7)
  • Tina


    regarding the second portion of your question, what do you mean with ‘bar keeps on running’? Can you describe a little better what you are observing? Thank you!

  • Osama

    but if restore function can bring deleted file back then it can also delete files added in the PC after that so i am reluctant in using restore function

  • Anonymous

    If you have a restore point the possibly you can roll back your pc and try then.

    Also if you can use an undeleter software then point it to
    C:Documents and SettingsUSERApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfiles
    and try to recover.

    for the next time there are some softs that backups bookmarks such as Linkman Lite and Pro.

    • Aibek

      I don’t think the windows system restore will bring the bookmarks back. I am inclined to agree with ina here, it’s very likely that your old bookmarks file is still there just saved under a different name i.e. bookmarks1 or under a different Firefox profile.

  • Osama

    that file only contains the default bookmarks like “about us” , get involved” , customize firefox” etc. Looks like bookmarks are gone permanently.

    • Tina


      I’m not talking about bookmarks.html, but about other html files with a similar name. I have dozens of them in my Firefox profile folder.

      However, maybe what happened is that Firefox created a new profile. Do you see other profile folders for Firefox? The one you’re using is named xxx.default and your previous profile folder may still be there, just not .default anymore.

      That’s all I can think of.

  • Tina


    I’m not sure this will be a solution, but Firefox does keep copies of bookmarks in the profile folder. If you’re lucky, these didn’t get deleted. They are typically named bookmarks1.html or something to that extend. Did you look for a file like that in your profiles folder?

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