How can I recover my delete message history on Facebook?
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How can I recover my delete message history on Facebook?

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Answers (14)
  • ravi

    how to find deleted messages on facebook

  • atif dar

    How can I recover deleted Facebook messages?

  • Rotem

    Here is your solution (if the file is archived):
    1. go to the archived messages. where are they you ask? simple - at the BOTTOM of the messages window (its a small blue thingy on the left corner).
    2. press Unarchive (its a small blue arrow on the right side of the message)
    3. done.

    1. contact that person again (the history should pop up).

    Or (if you deleted it right now)
    1. a pop up window at the top screen should pop up with the "UNDO" option. just click it.

    hope it helps.

  • sudip

    i want face book deleted msg it possible??

    • nikki

      The only thing that I have found that can remotely get those emails or at least an image of the emails, is if you download and run Stellar Phoenix photo or data recovery. It works great for photos, so far, but it REALLY finds everything on your computer. I found pics from a previous owner

  • Mansoora Ghani

    I need help to recover my deleted message on fb.

  • Janseen

    how can i restore deleted message if it was 3 days ago?

  • Bojan Nisevic

    Just write another message to the person for which you want to recover messages and deleted messages will appear.Messages can't be deleted on FB anymore.

    • Jay.0

      you just made me delete two of my messages :)
      That magic trick does not exist.
      May be you confused it with clear chat window option ?

      To delete a message :
      Open a conversation from the messages.
      click on actions and select delete messages from the drop down.
      Delete all or selected messages.
      which will not be recovered.

    • tucumana

      I just can't find them and they are very important to me, I beg you can u help me??? odonto_silvia@hotmail:disqus .com

    • Jay.0

      Just go to the person's profile, and click on messages.
      now you can search the conversation.

      or type a friend's name in the searchbox of your messages.

      You can't recover, If you or anyone else deleted it.

    • Janseen

      But how can i restore deleted message if it was 3 days ago?

  • Anonymous

    If your message is deleted, it's difficult to recover but if they are archived, you may get them back by typing- is:archived 
    on search bar near send new message button

  • Jay.0

    Deleted messages can't be recovered.
    check your email notifications, you will find old messages if you have not deleted them.

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