How can I record live audio/video streams?
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I watch a lot of online TV and cable channel streams. No, I don’t use a TV tuner. The streams can be found on the internet. Are there any free applications that can record these LIVE streams and include the audio part too?

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Answers (25)
  • jack

    Bandicam is the best.

  • sotiris greece

    YOUCAM the software with you webcam

  • sotiris greece

    sIMPLY USE the ""youcam"" software that comes with your laptop in order to use your webcam or download it . Then choose deskttop capture, fixed area and.......thats all!!!!!

  • Callum

    how can you get a livestream for things like minecraft

  • Shekhar Alongit

    I also suggest VLC and WONDERSHARE , both seems good and free option..  Enjoy anyone of them.

  • Angelina

    It has an embedded screen recorder, which can work as
    Camstudio, to record video computer screen, media player, Skype chat program,
    etc. The video converter allows you to change the video format as you needs.  

  • Cadu

    Hi. I am looking for a video-audio screen capture. Do you know if streaming video is able to do it? My main purpose is to capture skype chat with video-audio together. 

  • Suharasons

    tv vedio&audio to lap top by USB

  • Justin_kredible

    Just to give you, folks, some examples of the payware I was referring to above, here is a list:

    1. Web Stream Recorder - has a trial version:

    2. Audials - has 3 parts:

    3. WebVideoCap - Capture Flash video and RTSP/MMS streams

    4. Jakstra

    Streaming media protocols include:


    MMS (Microsoft Media Services) is also called NetShow Services.

    MMS using UDP is called MMSU.

    MMS using TCP is called MMST.

    RTSP using UDP is called RTSPU.

    RTSP using TCP is called RTSPT.

    protocol is the default protocol for streaming Windows Media. RTSP
    protocol is also used for streaming RealMedia/RealVideo/RealAudio,
    streaming QuickTime video (.mov, .mp4, .sdp streams).

    The majority of streams are streamed through HTTP, RTSP, MMS and RTMP.

    protocol is used for RealMedia/RealVideo/RealAudio streaming only. RTMP
    protocol is used for Flash audio and video streams only. Media files
    can also be streamed through HTTP or other protocols.

    To find the right stream recorder, you first must know which protocols are being used by the streams you want to capture. Next important thing you need to find out is the real URL (the filename and server address) of the stream you want to record. Unfortunately, some links to streaming audio and video that you come
    across on the web are hidden behind Javascript or ActiveX scripts.
    Because of this, it is sometimes very difficult to figure out the
    actual URLs that correspond to the streams being played LIVE. Which brings us to URL sniffers. Here are a few of examples of URL sniffers:

    1. Wireshark - freeware

    2. CooJah + Blader - both freeware

    3. URL Snooper - freeware

    The whole process gets really involved.

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