How do I reconnect to my WiFi network after forgetting it?

Nahla D March 19, 2014
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I was once connected to a WiFi network at work. Due to circumstances, I had to “forget” the network and tried to reconnect again. I tried the same password, but I always get this infinite loop with “Authentication problem.”

My co-workers can use the same network with no problem and with the same password even. I thought this will resolve on its own but it did not. I tried to reconnect again after a few days but still it won’t budge. I need help with this issue.

Other Info: My phone is NOT ROOTED and it’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich. I tried WiFi Fixer like everyone says but it doesn’t work. Please don’t advise me to do something about the adapter/router, since I have NO ACCESS or control over it since it’s at work, not in my house.

Also, even if I have access to it, it’s in a different language so no can do. I am considering of doing a hard reset or rooting it but I have too many files in my phone to back up, so I wonder if you guys have any suggestions first. Thanks.

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