Can you recommend a simple PC repair ticketing solution?

Dustin Thompson May 13, 2012
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I work at a small computer repair shop. Individuals as well as our regular clients bring in their computers to be fixed. Normal stuff, virus removal, copy files, power supply issues etc.

What I need is a SIMPLE ticketing solution without all the fancy bells & whistles associated with “Help Desk” programs. I’ve tried Spiceworks, Jazzdesk, and others but I want something simpler. Something my fellow techs, as well as our office manager, can use quickly and easily.

The techs have no problem using Spiceworks, but we spend so much time explaining how to use it to our office managers, that it becomes easier to just fill out a hand written ticket. I just want a little customization with categories, customers names, and resolutions. That’s all.

Thanks for your help.

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