Can you recommend a simple software to extract the original audio out of an .avi or .mp4 file without audio conversion?

Jay February 22, 2011
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I use a stand alone single file audio extraction software called FLVExtract (325 KB). When you drag and drop a .flv file on it, it strips the audio portion off it into the same directory. Sometimes its .mp3, sometimes its .aac depending on what the .flv file contains originally. Takes only 2 seconds for a .flv file of even 700 MB is size. It doesn’t do any audio conversion but just strips the audio portion off it and that’s what I wanted!

Unfortunately this flvextract.exe can only do .flv files and I need a simple software to extract the audio portion off of any video file like .mp4, .avi or .divx. Please suggest one.

I am a guy who download lots of videos and strip. the audio portion off it to listen in my iPod while I’m walking, doing house chores etc. There is a number of software like Pazera, free audio ripper, converter etc. that rips the audio out of the video files. But they take a little longer and undergo their own processing. Pazera for example rips audio out of video but re-formats the audio to required setting like 64kpbs or whatever.

Please suggest something similar to flvextract that strips the original audio kept inside the .flv or .mkv container. Than kyou.

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