Can you recommend a professional screen capturing program for recording software demonstrations?
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I work for a software company and we are asked to demo the software on occasion. Our current process is to just live-demo the app through some web meeting software.

I would prefer to pre-record the demo to allow myself to edit the video and add an audio soundtrack (voice recording) separately. Do you know of any such software that will let me do this?

Two things that I hope you could address, though this may be asking too much, is how well I can limit filesize of the recording (quality, frame rate) and if I can smooth the mouse animation as opposed to how my movement is recorded. I’ve seen companies like Apple and Google demo stuff and the mouse always moves very fluidly – I imagine they have professional software which lets them do this.

Sorry for asking so much – thanks for your help and keep up the great work

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Answers (4)
  • PatSam

    Camtasia - user friendly and very good results.

  • Anonymous

    For something professional, go with Camtasia.

    It's pretty much the golden standard of screen recording software for Windows. I've been using it for years, and it's fantastic. Has a decent editor too, and all the recording/production options you can wish for I think.

    Not cheap, but very good.

  • Saikat Basu

    If you are looking for free tools. try the ones mentioned in our post on - 5 Free Screencasting Apps for Creating Video Tutorials. Do read the comments too, where a few more are mentioned. Follow all our screencast mentions too.

    Another tool you can try is - Screencast-o-Matic.

    Camstasia Studio and Adobe Captivate are the best commercially available tools if you looking to add rich interactivity and take it to the next level.

  • Bruce Epper

    Try CamStudio at

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